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Wishbone Canine Rescue: Saving Lives!

In case you haven’t picked up on this… I LOVE dogs.  They are simple, happy creatures that bring joy to my life.  I found a top 10 list of “Why you should own a dog” and agree with every one of them! Their reasons include: Companionship, mental health, education/responsibility, exercise, security, safety, fill the nest, warmth, entertainment, and unconditional love :)

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Run the Woods 8k

Yesterday I ran my first “running- only” race in over two years! Success!

A Year Off:
My triathlon training and racing took a big hit this year when my foot did not heal up well from the December surgery I had to remove a bone spur from the back of heel (Haglund’s deformity).  The doctor expected a 6-8 WEEK recovery period until I could start training again…unfortunately this was not the case,  and I had to scrap most races and goals I had this season.  A follow-up MRI a couple months ago indicated that despite some really nasty scar tissue, everything is “structurally” OK- no damaged connective tissue (the achilles is fine).  The doctor gave me the OK to train normally. However, I was skeptical because it was SO painful.  Since then I’ve been gradually building up run volume and intensity, and finding that whether I do a 3 mile jog, a track workout, or a 12 mile run, the pain doesn’t get worse and has in fact been subsiding little by little… I’m no where NEAR where pain-free, but the good news is that I’m managing and improving!  Read more…