Group Coaching

Group coaching

rev3knox relay 2013

Team Epic Endurance- 3rd place Relay @ REV3 Knoxville 2013

This plan is ideal for friends or groups with similar goals who are training together for the same event and would like to share the cost of coaching.  This is a great way to motivate each other and be accountable for your training!

The group coaching plan includes the services listed in the “Customized coaching” section, but will be tailored toward the group. Unique traits include:

  • Detailed discussions about your schedules’ and how group workouts will fit in.
  • Group workouts that can be done together even with different ability levels
  • Customized individual workouts when group schedules don’t mesh.


Feestntt dan steve 2

Fees for group coaching will vary based on number of athletes, single or multi-sport plan, amount of individual customization, and complexity of goals and scheduling. Contact Laura to set up a time to discuss your groups’ coaching needs.