Name: Laura Wheatleywine trail bike pic

Occupation: Exercise Physiologist, Triathlon Coach

Sport: Long-Course Triathlon

Favorite training food: Powerbar Triple Threat Bars and Powerbar Apple/Mango/ Strawberry Energy Blend

Bike: 2010 Kestrel 4000REV3 Knoxville 2012 Wheatley

Shoes: Pearl Izumi (various)

Favorite recovery food: Wine.

Favorite training song: KeSha- Blow

2013 Races: REV3 Knoxville, American Triple-T, IM Lake Placid

How are you going to BE EPIC?:

This year is going to be beyond EPIC for me- so many dreams are coming true. I will be starting a Ph.D. program in Exercise Physiology- I have waited for the right program at the right time for 4 1/2 yrs! Even better, it is at the University of Utah- I will get to live and TRAIN in the mountains for the next 4 years-another dream come true!  Finally, I have also launched my triathlon coaching company, a goal that I have carefully been planning for several years. I am fortunate enough to work with some truly unique and motivated athletes- this “job” is completely unreal! I also look forward to making a comeback after my foot surgery last year- it is going to feel so good to be BACK to RACING!