Name: Steven Barcus545544_10100766523023740_142131668_nbikeswim

Occupation: Communications specialist

Sport: Triathlon/Half marathon

Favorite training food: Gu Roctane blueberry pomegranate

Bike: 2011 Kestrel Talon

Shoes: Asics Gel Kayano

Favorite recovery food: Pizza

Favorite training song: Through the Fire and Flames

2014 Races: Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, Rev3 Knoxville, Tri-Shark Classic, Rev3 Williamsburg, Quad Cities Marathon

How are you going to BE EPIC?:

Last year was all about crossing the finish line at Ironman Wisconsin. This year I will be getting back to my roots as a runner this year with the goals of hitting sub-20 in a 5K and improving on my half and full marathon times. Along the way I am going to join friends on the Rev3 circuit and add to the great bike and swimming fitness I developed last year. I have been training with Epic Endurance and Coach Laura since late 2011 and have hit many P.R.s and training milestones on my road to this goal. I’m confident that the program I’m on will see me through it. This year is going to BE EPIC!